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Nupur Jain

Product Manager, Google

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Kartik Sundar

Director of Product, Tableau

Listen to this podcast to learn how we started Help your Peers.

We, Nupur and Kartik, started thinking about an initiative to help our peers when we started hearing about the news of layoffs in our circle of friends. It was personal to us as a result, but little did we (just as anyone else) realize the enormity of the crisis and the ensuing economic hardships that would follow. 

We started this journey by enquiring if a mentoring service for Product Management folks would be useful, on the Women In Product group on Facebook. We got over 200 comments expressing interest, which gave us confidence that building such a service during this crisis would indeed be helpful.

Since then we have been fortunate enough to have over 150 incredible mentors who signed up and helped grow our initiative. We have been able to help 100s of candidates as a result.

We are grateful for our mentors who joined us and for the fact that we have been able to help out in a small way those who need help. We are looking to expand to other countries as well. Stay tuned for updates.

Our chapter leads


Iris Guo


Iris Guo is a rising senior studying Finance & CS at the University of Waterloo and she is passionate about EdTech, Healthcare, FinTech and Non-profit. She joined Help Your Peers as the Chapter Head in Canada because she resonated with the mission of helping mentees to achieve the next employment. 

In fact, she secured her Product Manager internship working on SaaS security products in fall at BlackBerry during the time she’s working at Help Your Peers while being mentored by Nupur. She helped to start a non-profit openmeal.org during COVID-19 to bring food to the table for people in need by supporting struggling restaurants. She has worked at 2 start-ups as a product manager at KuzoClass (EdTech) and Foundersbeta (start-up community).