Group mentoring sessions

We are scheduling group mentoring sessions that are aimed for our candidates with less than 3 years of (total) experience and interns. Our sessions will include introduction to product management, resume editing sessions, mock interviews, how to build side projects and how to best prepare for product design and strategy interviews. 

We believe these sessions are best conducted in smaller settings and will limit each session to 8-10 candidates. Waitlists will be allowed. Note all timings posted here are in PST time zone. 


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REMEMBER: please do not register if you don’t plan to attend or you are a maybe. Doing so will exclude you from any future events as you are taking up a slot from someone else who needs help.

july, 2020

Please note that our applications forms will be closed for the US and Canada chapters starting Monday, July 6, 2020. We are also no longer accepting new mentor applications for these chapters. Our group mentoring sessions will continue until further announcement.