Resources for

This guide is meant to provide resources to help you quickly and efficiently start your job hunting and interview preparation process, geared towards product/program management.


Job helpers

Jobhunt buddy

Track job applications with detailed job profiles, contact discovery, and document management


This tool will automatically add the job you apply and add it to Google spreadsheets and track it for you


Who’s hiring? – General

Who’s freezing hiring?

List of companies freezing hiring, hiring and doing layoffs

 Who’s still hiring?

Who’s still hiring during Coronavirus? See roles + locations

Candidate Labs

Search through Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing jobs for VC-backed companies 

WFH but Hiring – Job Board

List of active tech candidates & employers during COVID-19

AngelList Jobs

Best way to find talent on the go

Tech jobs for Good

Tech jobs at social impact companies, foundations, and innovative nonprofits in the US


Who’s hiring? – Geared towards women

Elpha job board

Elpha is where women in tech talk candidly online. Browse opportunities at Elpha companies or submit your profile to them so they can do the matching for you

Hire Tech Ladies

Tech Ladies connects you with the best jobs and opportunities in tech 

Hired Woman

Curated jobs at trusted, female friendly companies


Who’s hiring? – Product Management

Product School Job Portal

Free job board for finding product management roles


Who’s hiring? – Internships

2020 Internship Status

Crowdsourced list of companies hiring interns


Who’s hiring? – Remote jobs

Remotive – remote jobs

A curated collection of remote PM startup jobs

We Work Remotely

Find the best remote product jobs available



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Product School Scholarships 

Help Your Peers and Product School has teamed up to offer scholarships to our community for the following courses: Product Design, Coding for Managers, Product Analytics, and Product Marketing. Each course will be provided at no cost to our mentors and mentees and are virtual so you can learn the content at your own pace.

Get ready for PM interviews with RocketBlocks. Built by experts from Google, Facebook and Amazon. Get real interview questions and answers, expert coaching and key concept interviews.

Check out their free guide which is crafted to help anyone, from fresh graduates to career switchers, ramp up on the product management role and the interview process at top tech companies. 

Exponent PM

Exponent is dedicated in building a stellar, product management interview course, which includes interview lessons, questions, and complete answers with video walkthroughs. Additionally, their interview portal with questions from companies like Facebook and Google, is open to all during this pandemic. Don’t forget to check out their new interview simulator.


Interview questions

Product Management Exercises

A repository of product manager job interview exercises Interview Questions

The 249 most common product manager interview questions asked at Facebook, Google and more

Daily Product Prep

Get exceptionally good at product interviews by solving one problem every day

The PM Interview

Practice PM Interview Questions (w/ timer)

Ultimate list of PM Interview Questions

List of questions you can expect to be asked in a PM interview by the Product School

How to crush your Product Management interview

The Ultimate Guide For All Aspiring PMs


Mock interviews


Practice product management mock interviews at any time from anywhere


The simplest way to practice for your next job interview

Interview prep and career advice from senior leaders at top Silicon Valley companies



Common pitfalls during PM interviews

Yogesh Soni, lead product manager at Cisco, writes about his experience on mentoring candidates and common interview mistakes that can be avoided with a little practice

Success in clearing onsite interviews with Google, FB, AirBnB, and Walmart Labs  

Aayush Agrawal, product manager at Walmart Labs, talks about his experience interviewing at these companies and tips that helped him succeed

Product Hired – Interview Guides

Available for Google, Facebook and Amazon

Interviewing Insider Guides

Data compiled on 200+ top companies – don’t forget to filter interviews in each guide to your role.



Role Spark

Get your resume peer-reviewed for free – video resume

A convenient and modern resume format that allows a candidate to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper CV or resume

FlowCV 2.0

Infinitely customizable resume templates

Resume samples

Real resume examples from 1,000’s of top paid professionals

Devpost Hackathons

Participate in online virtual and in-person hackathons


Connecting students with mentors for side projects

Help with Covid

Covid-19 projects looking for volunteers

Covid Accelerator

What can you build in 2 weeks that scales and saves lives?


Kickstart your career

Top 10 YouTube Channels for Product Managers

Find top, trending channels all dedicated to a career in product management

Why change careers to Product Management in 2020

Listen to our very own mentor, Garrett Rysko, Director of PM at Honeywell, on why 2020 is the best time to change careers into Product Management, and where the demand is coming from.

The Job Seeker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Learn how to kickstart your career

Let’s talk about Product Management

Breaking down a role of a PM

PM Starter Pack

Practical guide on how to get started in product management


Digital Courses

450 free Ivy League courses

All these universities offer free online courses across multiple online course platforms

Udacity PM Interview Preparation

In this free course, you’ll learn exactly what to expect during a product management interview, and view exclusive interviews 

Ultimate list of Free Online Classes for Product Management 

List of free (and low-cost) online classes since 2017 and it is updated every year


Product Management

Product School: Learn from Home

An extensive resource guide from Product School – it includes excellent podcasts, books, interviews and blog posts to keep you busy! 

The Product Person

Newsletter with 100+ curated articles to 10x your product skills 

Know/how Product Managers

A weekly newsletter with 5 practical tweet-length PM tips

Product Resources List

All the free product management resources and templates you need in one place


Discover and vote on the top resources for Product Managers


Accelerated is a weekly newsletter about technology and venture capital


Books and Articles

Most recommended books 2.0

Books recommended by the world’s most successful people

Product Manager Handbook

60-page ebook containing 10 in-depth interviews with product managers from Google, Facebook and more

79 Articles and Books that will make you a great PM

From Horowitz to Christensen to Graham to Spolsky and more, a collection of the best articles and books from the best product leaders

Wartime Product Manager’s Reading List

A list sourced by Mirela Mus to get through this tough time

A Reading List, by a Product Manager for Product Managers

Don’t believe a Product Manager when they say there is just one book that you should read… we’re all generalists by trade 


Career Transition

Career Transition Stories (Podcast)

Tune in to listen to our own mentor, Vidhya Sriram, on her podcast talking to those who have returned to the workforce or transitioned to other careers recently

Path to Technical Program Manager

Ethan Evans, VP of Product at Twitch Prime – Amazon, , delivers 1:1 coaching through this video on changing roles to become a Technical Program Manager. He offers strategic guidance and helpful techniques for successfully positioning oneself when making a career change

Transition from Program Manager to Product

Find career transition tips from Sahitya Kakarla and Shanea Leven 

Transition from Engineering to Product

A 3-part article by Jacky Liang from his journey as a software engineer to a product manager at Looker

Transition from UX to Product

Article by Katrin Zotchev on her transition

Transition from Marketing to Product

Article by Amy Sun on her transition from growth marketing to product management


Groups to join

Lewin Lin’s PM Community (Slack) 

Anyone and everyone who has prepared for a product interview knows Lewin Lin. Join his slack channel here to get advice on your resume, interview tips, and to network with other product managers

Women in Product (Slack, Facebook Group)

One of the popular organizations dedicated to providing women with equal access and representation in product management careers at all levels. Apply here for Slack.

Product School (Slack, Facebook Group) 

With a community with over 30K members and counting, there is no better place to get to meet other product managers and get a chance to speak with product leaders and interact on their AMA sessions. Invite here

Product BC Community (Slack) – British Columbia, Canada

ProductBC is a non-profit organization that aims to serve the local community by offering our members access to events, mentorship opportunities, and content so they can learn and grow as product professionals. Join here.

Mind the Product (Slack)

One of the largest, international community of product managers and has over 150K+ members and hosts regular meetups. Their slack channel is an extension of their mission and a perfect place to interact with your peers across the globe. Apply here

How to recover from rejections 

Our own mentor, Nidhi Wadmark – Product Manager at Paypal and Women in Product Chapter Lead – writes about lessons leant and tips to recover from a job rejection. 

Coronavirus Layoffs

With coronavirus and a possible recession, many companies will cut headcount in 2020. Everyone in the room during a layoff knows your rights better than you do — read on to ready yourself for any scenario

81cents COVID-19 Support

The 81cents community consists of 2,000+ recruiters, C Suite execs, & senior professionals. Their focus is to address all workplace-related challenges and help you navigate a tough career situation due to COVID-19